Solar systems
Andreas Kanellopoulos Plumber Tripoli Arcadia

The company Kanellopoulos Andreas, counting 76 years in the field and taking over the 2nd generation since 1991, which is based at 19 Deligianni Kanellou Square in Tripoli, is active in the field of plumbing and technical works with respect for the customer, trust and quality, always using the best materials of the European market.
The company undertakes with specialized staff all the plumbing installations in both private and professional space with consistency, impeccable service and affordable prices.
The experienced plumber and founder of our company Kanellopoulos Andreas, as well as our experienced and excellently trained team, offer you an immediate response in the Prefecture of Arcadia.

Solar energy is one of the main energy sources in our country which has one of the best climates in the Mediterranean with most days of the year having sunshine, so the solar systems in every home take care to save money from the electricity bill. 


Solar systems collect solar radiation and then transfer it in the form of heat to water, air or some other fluid.


All the work we do, before delivery is checked for their excellent functionality and the guarantee that they will work for a lifetime.

Contact us and our experienced staff will come to your place to discuss and solve any problem you have in the plumbing of your building.

We serve directly and professionally throughout the Prefecture of Arcadia.

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